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You will hear a great selection of Gary’s own songs, along with classic blues from the legends which inspired him so much over the years, and of course some original songs, blues, rock and progressive rock, inspired so much by the legend himself.  We know that each and every song will touch your soul in some way.

We are proud to introduce the lineup to you ..

Opening the show at 8pm will be well-known Belfast guitarist/vocalist Sam Davidson fronted the band “John Wilson’s Taste” with John Wilson, original Taste drummer with Rory Gallagher. Since John retired not too long ago, Sam being a lifelong fan of Rory Gallagher and he loves playing Rory’s music so much that he has continued to honor the music with his own band “Sam Davidson’s Taste”.

The lineup now features lifelong friends and top class musicians Lyn McMullan on drums and Albert Mills on bass. Festival favourites and highly sought after blues festival favourites, we are honoured to have Sam Davidson’s Taste with us to open the show with a great mix of Gary Moore songs and classic blues to get the party started !

An immensely talented blues/folk/rock artist in her own right, with a deep and powerful, emotional and soulful voice, Gary’s youngest sister Patricia will be rocking the stage with a selection of Gary’s own songs, along with some her classic blues favourites, songs which also greatly inspired Gary over the years – and also some of Patricia’s own original blues songs, to be performed for the first time on stage to honour this very special occasion.

Featuring a stellar band with none other than Jerome Rimson on bass, bassist to the stars including Van Morrison (5+ years), Phil Lynnott, Freddie Mercury, Aretha Franklin, The Bee Gees, Automatic Man, and so many more!  With rhythm master Jimmy Howlett (UK) rocking it on drums, a sought-after session drummer who has also played with many touring UK bands including Opaque, Calamity Jane, Chronic Mishaps, Super-8’s, versatility and experience like no other, Jimmy is the man!  Along with Dublin’s Gerry Quigley on guitar who will all be doing Gary proud.


 We can’t wait to hear Patricia and her band – it really will be something special .

A guitarist who needs no introduction – the legendary founding member of Tni Lizzy and his band, who will be with us as part of their Thin Lizzy 50th anniversary tour will play a very special set to honor and remember Gary. With long-time band members Romek Parol on drums, and Dave Wintour on bass, this is Eric’s touring band who have been playing some great shows and festivals around Ireland, UK and Europe over the past few years including a knockout show at Sweden Rock Festival last year.

When you hear Eric play those first few notes, you just know you are in th presence of something special. Eric and his band really will transport you back in time to that magical 70’s era where the nation’s youth lived and breathed for their music, a time when it seemed the music was everywhere, the music was our soul, the music gave us the meaning of life!

This will be a very special show for Eric, who will be honoring Gary as a long-time respected friend.

Dublin born and raised guitarist Gerry Quigley, life member of the prestigious Perth Blues Club in Western Australia has returned home to Ireland after 30 years in Australia.

Gerry first met Gary when he was just 10 years old, when Gary was rehearsing in the Quigley house with Skid Row. There were no rehearsal rooms back then, and through Gerry’s older brothers the Quigley house became rehearsal rooms for many of their friends, including Thin Lizzy in their early years. Ten year old Gerry was so captivated by Gary’s playing that he didn’t ever want to go to school again – he knew from that moment all he ever wanted to do with his life was play guitar!

Naturally Gerry’s style is most influenced by Gary Moore, Eric Bell (his own childhood guitar teacher) and of course Rory Gallagher, the three Irish rockers who have inspired him the most along wih Paul Kossof, Roy Buchanan and Peter Greene. If you could create a mix of the guitar styles of those six great inspirations and add some madness from time to time, you would have the style of Gerry Quigley!

With Frank McNally on Vocals/Bass, John Connolly on drums and Sharon Quigley on Keyboards, Gerry and his band are honoured to be part of this very special show