Dear Fans of Gary Moore,

We know how much you would like to see a statue for Gary in his hometown of Belfast.  This is your vision, and we are committed to making your vision become a reality – the time is now!

Gary gave us his music, his friendship, and so many memories – and we know you would like to honor him in a way he so rightly deserves, so Gary and his music can be remembered by future generations long after all of us have left this earth.  Raising funds for a memorial statue for Gary’s hometown of Belfast.

This show is for Gary – literally, and will be played as if he is right there in the room with us.  We know it would take a cracker of a show to captivate such a legend of the guitar and that’s what we are aiming to bring you!

This very special memorial show will not only be a showcase of Gary’s own tunes which he loved so much to play, which have inspired all of us, but also the classic blues and blues/rock which Gary loved to listen to which inspired him so much over the years, and a mix of original blues, blues/rock and progressive rock greatly inspired by Gary – a great mix of music played for Gary.

Doors open at 7pm, we have a lot of music to get through so music will start at 8pm sharp with Sam Davidson’s Taste rocking a great mix of Gary’s tunes along with Rory Gallagher.

Get ready for a very special evening of some very special music. Prepare to be captivated!