There is only one thing that will stop the music, and that is government pandemic restrictions. We are sad to say that the unthinkable has happened. Our May 8th and May 9th shows are now postponed until 2021. We will have the dates announced as soon as we can.

Although the 2020 Gig for Gary events have stopped, this doesn’t mean the fundraising will stop. We will have another great teeshirt design on sale in the weeks ahead. If we sell 1,200 teeshirts we will have raised enough for stage 1 of statue construction to commence! If we sell 6,500 teeshirts we will raise all the funds for the statue!

If we continue fundraising with online teeshirt sales, for the rest of the year, maybe the next Gig for Gary shows in 2021 will be to celebrate raising the statue!

We always believe anything is possible. Stay safe and stay tuned!